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Amplifying the Voices of Asians in America
As of 2017 the Asian community comprised 5.6% of the US Population with a multitude of ethnicities. 
There has been a long history of stigmatization, exclusion and othering since the 19th century.
We recognize that other minority groups have also suffered and experienced violence, and we stand in solidarity with them. We believe that #BlackLivesMatter; that we all need to stand up for one another as human beings; and that everyone is entitled to walk this Earth freely, without being targeted for the color of their skin.
Retelling The Asian American Experience

A Vocal Record is dedicated to the collective experience of people of Asian descent in the United States, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to ensure there is a record of the incidents that happen, amplify our voices, and raise awareness of our very real, varied, and often-ignored experiences.

Anti-Asian hate crimes have recently been on the rise. Our goal is to create wider solidarity, have our accounts listened to and understood by the wider public, hold open constructive conversations, and in doing so, contribute to creating a more beautiful future. Please share any incidents you have experienced or witnessed for inclusion on our website and social media stories.

Resources during COVID-19

A Message to Our Community

As three Asian-Americans from different parts of the US, we had very different experiences growing up...

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